What is RISE?


©The Rural Investment Support for Europe (RISE) Foundation is an independent foundation which strives to support a sustainable and internationally competitive rural economy across Europe, looking for ways to preserve the European countryside, its environment and biodiversity, and its cultural heritage and traditions.  It works as a think tank, bringing together experts to address key environmental/ agricultural challenges in Europe and develops high quality accessible research reports with clear recommendations for policy makers.  It draws on its extensive network of rural stakeholders to highlight innovative practices developed at the farm level and provides a platform for debate on issues that affect rural communities.


Latest News

Release of CAP report

2017 CAP launch2
On 27st March 2017, the RISE Foundation released a new piece of work on CAP: thinking out of the box – Further moderni ...

Corrado Pirzio-Biroli speaks on public goods

Corrado Pirzio-Biroli spoke at an event organised by the ACCA on February 8th on "Accounting for Public Goods: the Soc ...

CAP launch event 27/3 -registration closed

After a fruitful CAP discussion 10/1/2017 at the European Parliament, the RISE Foundation will be presenting its fi ...

A tribute to Luc Coene

The Board of the Rural Investment Support for Europe (RISE) Foundation regrets the loss of its founding and long stand ...

Current projects

 Livestock project   CAP


Sister associations

     RISE cooperates closely with its founding
     organisations, the European Landowners'
     Organization and Friends of  the Countryside.





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