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Fortis Banque sa
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Account number: 001-4939469-14

For international transfers, our coordinates are: IBAN: BE94 0014 9394 6914 SWIFT: GEBABEBB

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RISE Foundation
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Tax-exemption can be obtained for substantial donors from certain countries via the King Baudouin Foundation’s Trans Giving Europe (TGE) network of foundations, that offer tax efficient solutions to cross-border donors in Europe ( The RISE Foundation will promote the extension of that network, and eventual non discrimination in tax exemption for EU donors, whoever their beneficiaries within the EU. Substantial donors from countries not currently covered by the TGE system, who wish to make a tax-exempt donation should contact us with a pledge, as we might find an ad hoc solution regarding the tax.

The Transnational Giving Europe Network

The TGE (Transnational Giving Europe) Network allows generosity to cross borders through a network of recognized national foundations with an in depth knowledge of the non-profit sector and of the fiscal legislation in their respective country. The RISE Foundation is a part of this network. Your cross-border donation will receive all applicable tax benefits in the country where you pay tax, in accordance with the relevant domestic rules. You pay the donated amount - only after the gift has been approved - into the account of the member foundation in your country, for delivery to the member foundation of the recipient country (for RISE this is the King Baudouin Foundation) in favor of the beneficiary non-profit organization. TGE takes care of the necessary formalities for tax relief, reviews the statute and activities of the recipient non-profit organization, and reports on the use of the funds.

In practice, you announce your commitment to RISE (by Email, fax or mail), before paying anything, indicating that you seek a tax-rebate. RISE and your country's TGE member will do the rest. Finally, RISE will tell you whether your country of residence is covered by TGE, and if yes, get a gift reference number for you. This would allow you to make your payment order to RISE with the following reference: "TGE plus the gift reference number". The European Court of Justice is expected to rule on three pending, similar cases of tax discrimination of donation regarding cross-border as against national beneficiaries. If the Court rules in favor of the plaintiffs, tax rebated will be obtaines without resorting to the TGE Network.

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