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Sustainable Intensification and Nutrient Recovery and Reuse in Agriculture


What are the key drivers, obstacles and challenges to increasing nutrient recovery and reuse in agriculture?


23rd September 2015, 1000 - 1930
EU Pavilion, EXPO Milan


Nutrient recovery and reuse is often spoken of as an essential component in the drive to make agriculture more sustainable, and has become increasingly prominent in light of resource scarcity, pollution and the push for a more circular economy. 

This RISE conference will take place in the EU Pavilion at the EXPO Milan and will ask the following questions:

  • What is sustainable intensification and why is it needed for global agriculture?
  • Why should nutrient recovery and reuse for agriculture be considered a key component of sustainable intensification: what are the main drivers?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities for nutrient recovery and reuse in European Agriculture?

Following the event, participants will have the unique opportunity to visit a large nutrient recovery centre outside Milan (transport provided) before the conference continues at the plant where current nutrient recovery projects will be exemplified and discussed.  The day will finish with a networking cocktail before transport brings the participants back to Milan.

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