Franz Fischler's special FFA address

Franz Fischler, former RISE Chairman and former Chair of the Forum for the Future of Agriculture (2008-2014), gave a special address to mark the 10th year of the FFA in Brussels on March 28th. The text of Fischler's special address is available here for download. ...

FFA auditorium

10th FFA

The end of March saw another highly successful Forum for the Future of Agriculture. The 2017 Forum attracted over 2000 participants, the largest number so far, to discuss this years theme, 'Time for solutions'. Janez Potočnik, the RISE Foundation's chairman, chaired the event. Opening keynote addresses were given by Kofi Annan, 7th Secretary General of the United Nations (1997-2006) in the mor ...


CAP launch event 27/3 -registration closed

After a fruitful CAP discussion 10/1/2017 at the European Parliament, the RISE Foundation will be presenting its final report on the 'CAP - thinking out of the box' project on March 27th. The report will be available on March 27th from our publications page. Registration for the event is now closed. ...

2017 CAP launch2

Release of CAP report

On March 27st 2017, the RISE Foundation released a new piece of work on CAP: thinking out of the box – Further modernisation of the CAP – why, what and how? in front of a full room at the Residence Palace in Brussels. The report was presented by its authors: Allan Buckwell, Alan Matthews, David Baldock and Erik Mathijs. Responding to the report were Nadia ...


Corrado Pirzio-Biroli speaks on public goods

Corrado Pirzio-Biroli spoke at an event organised by the ACCA on February 8th on "Accounting for Public Goods: the Social and Natural Capital imperatives" in which Phil Hogan was also invited. Pirzio-Biroli said that since "the delivery of public goods benefits everybody, consumers, producers, and citizens at large, it cannot depend on land managers alone" and stressed the challenges of finding ...

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