RISE to launch new project on Nutrient Recycling and Reuse

combine cowsFollowing on from its highly successful work on the Sustainable Intensification of European Agriculture, RISE is in the process of developing a new study on 'Nutrient Recycling and Recovery (NRR) in European agriculture – a review of issues and opportunities, actions and policies'.

The project will be a research project that will pull together the information on NRR in relation to agriculture to create a more cohesive picture of where we are in Europe and how we can ensure a more systematic uptake of NRR across the EU.

The study will engage a multidisciplinary approach to bring together in a more integrated way knowledge and expertise which is found in completely the separate worlds of agricultural science and farming, the food industry, water and sewage treatment industries, environmental and waste regulation and renewable energy. The intention is that by confronting this set of interrelated issues the report will be a useful contribution to the process of steering EU agriculture to a path of sustainable intensification in the spirit of this phrase explained in the RISE report in 2014 as part of Europe’s contribution to global food security.


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