New event! Discussing the future of livestock production in Europe

The optimal scale and balance of livestock in the EU

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When and Where

1330 - 1600, Monday 26th March 2018,

The Residence Palace, Brussels 1040

What is it about?

   There is growing evidence concerning the impacts of livestock production on the environment and society which invariably focuses on the negative impacts, overlooking livestock‚Äôs positive contributions.  We perceive ever stronger calls to limit both production and consumption of livestock products. These pressures combined with the EU's obligations to meet its international commitments on climate and the Sustainable Development Goals suggest that change is inevitable.  Is there a definable concept of balanced livestock production positioned in a safe operating space?  What would this balanced system look like in scale and species makeup?    What policies are needed to guide such change and support the sector through the transition, safeguarding the benefits that the sector brings?  How could we ensure that the shift to more balanced livestock consumption and production can be achieved?  These are some of the questions the RISE Foundation is attempting to address in the development of its latest study.  At this event, RISE will put to the audience some of its initial thinking in order to inspire debate and feedback to allow it to reflect on the direction of its work as it goes forward to the final report's launch in June 2018.  Please join us.

The Forum

The RISE conference on livestock is part of the two day program of the Forum for the Future of Agriculture.  Monday 26th March is an invitation only day to encourage greater audience participation. 
Following on from the session on Monday 26th March on Livestock by RISE, the European Landowners' Organisation will hold a session on 'Farmer by nature - facing environmental requirements and adapting today's business to future challenges'.  This will be followed by a cocktail receptionl.  Registration for day two of the FFA on Tuesday 27th March is open to all and can be found here.


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