Allan Buckwell talks about livestock at the FFA2018

Allan Buckwell, the Academic Director of the RISE Foundation´s study on "The optimal scale and balance of EU livestock" talks about livestock´s challenges at the Forum for the Future of Agriculture on March 27th 2018 in Brussels.    ...

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New PROJECT! Livestock

  Over the course of 2017, the RISE Foundation has been developing its ideas regarding the future of livestock production and consumption in Europe and in October, it launched the project in earnest. The aim of the project will be to see what changes are necessary in the livestock sector in Europe so it may adapt to growing global pressures. To do this, RISE will draw upon data from a wide ...


Franz Fischler's special FFA address

Franz Fischler, former RISE Chairman and former Chair of the Forum for the Future of Agriculture (2008-2014), gave a special address to mark the 10th year of the FFA in Brussels on March 28th. The text of Fischler's special address is available here for download. ...

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New event! Discussing the future of livestock production in Europe

The optimal scale and balance of livestock in the EU To register and see the agenda, click HERE When and Where 1330 - 1600, Monday 26th March 2018, The Residence Palace, Brussels 1040 What is it about?    There is growing evidence concerning the impacts of livestock production on the environment and society which invariably focuses on the negative impacts, overlooking l ...

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10th FFA

The end of March saw another highly successful Forum for the Future of Agriculture. The 2017 Forum attracted over 2000 participants, the largest number so far, to discuss this years theme, 'Time for solutions'. Janez Potočnik, the RISE Foundation's chairman, chaired the event. Opening keynote addresses were given by Kofi Annan, 7th Secretary General of the United Nations (1997-2006) in the mor ...

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