The future of livestock production and consumption in Europe is one of the primary focuses of the RISE Foundation’s work until mid-2019. The work on livestock is being directed by Professor Allan Buckwell.

Why livestock
For hundreds of years, livestock production has been a central part of food system and society and a long-established part of the way we farm. It provides us with high quality protein and other essential nutrients. It is an essential part of the rural circular economy through its contribution to the nutrient cycle and its utilisation of crop residues and by-products of food processing. And it can help conserve important biodiversity and cultural landscapes and contribute to carbon sequestation through the extensive grazing of permanent pastures.

Yet it appears that the population- and income-driven growth in livestock consumption and the associated changes in scale, specialisation, concentration and thus density of livestock production are having serious consequences for the environment, GHG emissions, human health and over consumption of resources. This ultimately threatens global food security. There is mounting evidence that the negative consequences of livestock consumption and production are out-weighing the benefits and that the sector has reached an imbalance.

The report
RISE will draw upon data from a wide range of sources, including academia, government institutions and industry to build a picture of the imbalance in the livestock sector and develop an idea of what a more balanced livestock sector would look like by addressing the key challenges and solutions for each species sector. The report will set recommendations of how Europe should develop its policy framework to lead the livestock sector back to a more balanced contribution to human health and well-being and to a more sustainable use of rural resources.

The report will be developed in two stages. Part one will be released in June 2018 and part two in March 2019. All associated stakeholder and release events will be posted here.

The Advisory Committee
As with all its projects, the RISE Foundation has appointed a specialist Advisory Committee to guide the development of its thinking on livestock and ensure that its work remains impartial and balanced. Members of RISE Livestock Advisory Committee will soon be available here.

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