Change comes from action.

We carry out research projects on key issues in today’s European agriculture, in addition to participating in EU funded research and innovation projects.

RISE Reports

The RISE Foundation’s reports aim to contribute to steering EU agriculture towards a more sustainable path by addressing questions such as: what adjustments have to be made to the way we produce and consume our food?  What policies are needed to steer these adjustments? What help do the producing sectors need to enable them to make the transition to sustainable systems?  

All our reports are continuously reviewed by an independent academic and policy Advisory Committee that is unique for each project and advises the Foundation over the course of its research alongside the Foundation’s Board.

EU funded projects

In addition to our own think tank work, we actively participate in projects funded through the EU Research and Innovation Programmes that cover topics related to agriculture and the environment. Our role in these projects focuses on developing policy aspects and bringing together stakeholders at the EU level to engage in policy discussions, as well as disseminating and communicating project results.