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With each report RISE aims to bring take a fresh look at some of Europe’s greatest environmental-climate-agricultural challenges and seeks to find a way to support the transition of our agricultural system to a more sustainable model.

In this page you can download all our reports.

Crop Protection & the EU Food System. Where are they going?

Released on May 19th 2020 this report dwells into the totemic issue of crop protection. The report reviews crop protection methods, the policy that guides and regulates them and proposes the way forward for the European Union.

Buckwell, A., De Wachter, E., Nadeu, E., Williams, A. 2020. Crop Protection & the EU Food System. Where…

‘What is the Safe Operating Space for EU livestock?

Released on September 13th 2018, this report, co-authored by Allan Buckwell and Elisabet Nadeu, provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits and impacts of livestock on the environment and human health and calls upon policy makers to use the range of policy tools at their disposal to support the livestock sector through a transition that…

‘CAP: thinking out of the box’ report

Released on March 27th 2017, this report, directed by Allan Buckwell, shows how the current CAP does not make best use of the considerable resources deployed to support land managers through the necessary transition and suggests some procedural changes to kick-start a more effective reform process which brings together more constructively the conflicting interests in…

Follow-up document on Public Goods

Following the Task Force Report, RISE participated in a tender call for the European Parliament alongside the IEEP in 2011 to advise on concrete tools for delivery of public goods within the next CAP. The results are summarised in the report.

Public goods

On the 1st December 2009, the RISE Foundation published its Task Force Report on Public Goods from Private Land. Find the report here, in English, French and Italian.