How can we kick start the transition in soil management? – Join us in the discussion!

Despite the central position occupied by soil for the climate, environment and in agricultural activities, and their non-renewable nature, European soils continue to be degraded at a worrying rate and public awareness of their importance and value remains low. Long-term predictions do not call for optimism either[1]. What can be done to reverse these trends? And in a short period of time?

On Thursday March 11th we will be having a conversation with stakeholders who are implementing initiatives to restore soil health throughout the EU. We will explore how change can be brought about, how their practices are impacting soil health and what can drive farmers and landowners to invest in healthy soils. Join us and have your say!

The event will take place in the context of the Forum for the Future of Agriculture.

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[1] As noted in the SOER 2020 report by the EEA, ‘deteriorating developments will dominate by 2030’